XP Roundtable: The promises and pitfalls 1:1 personalization presents on the path to customer-centricity

Hosted by

Megan Hoover

Sr. CRO Strategist, Spinutech

Prior to joining Spinutech, Megan ran the eCommerce Testing & Optimization program at Yeti. In her early years, she worked as a Conversion Strategist at a local Austin agency, gaining exposure to a wide variety of clients in various industries.

David Mannheim

Founder and CEO, User Conversion

David Mannheim is the founder of User Conversion, a leading conversion optimisation consultancy in the UK, working with clients such as BrewDog, Sports Direct, and Boots. He has 10+ years of experience in crafting strategies for conversion optimisation, personalisation and experimentation.

Ben Malki

Director of Customer Success, Dynamic Yield

Ben Malki is the Director of Customer Success, Americas for Dynamic Yield. He’s been working in the digital space for nearly a decade following his MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Join us on Thursday, December 3rd at 11am EST

In this webinar, former Yeti eCommerce Testing and Optimization Manager, Megan Hoover, User Conversion Founder and CEO, David Mannheim, and Dynamic Yield Customer Success Director, Ben Malki, will lead a discussion on how different ideologies around personalization can help and hurt brands pursuing a path toward customer centricity. 

Tune in to learn

  • The different interpretations of personalization
  • Where A/B testing and conversion rate optimization fit in
  • How to view the customer experience through both macro and micro lenses
  • A framework for building an effective personalization program
  • How AI and machine learning can be used to scale experience design

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