XP Roundtable: How to Effectively Incorporate Personalization Into Your CX Optimization Strategy

Hosted by

Travis Hicks

Director, Web Operations American Society of Clinical Oncology

Travis is Director Of Web Operations at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) where he oversees the operations’ support and strategic advancement of the ASCO family of sites, applications and digital systems, including user experience enhancements and analytics-driven insight.

Jake Tenenbaum

Principle of Personalization, Macy's

Jake is a digital marketing and personalization specialist, having spent 8 +years in the eCommerce space and 5+ years in the AdTech/MarTech space. After an amazing 1.5 years with Dynamic Yield, Jake joined Macy's Inc. as the Principal of Personalization. Jake continues as a freelance Product Manager for Piglet in Bed, digital marketing consultant, and personalization/testing educator. In his free time, Jake volunteers with the LGBTQ+ nonprofit, Out in Tech.

Merritt Aho

Optimization Director, Search Discovery

Merritt’s experience spans the layers of optimization work including program development, team management, test development, implementation/tag management, analytics and user research. He’s an advocate for a user-centric approach to optimization and a die-hard evangelist for a culture of experimentation. He is dedicated to helping organizations use the tools, methods and philosophies of optimization to make their businesses successful.

Parker Block

Channels Manager, Dynamic Yield

Parker Block manages partnerships and channels for Dynamic Yield in North America. For over twenty years, Parker has managed and advised eCommerce and DTC brands and retailers in the US, Europe and Asia. Before joining Dynamic Yield, if he wasn’t playing or coaching hockey, Parker advised DTC brands on eCommerce strategy and operations with a focus on measuring and developing cross-channel CLV.

Join us on Wednesday, September 23rd at 2pm EST

Led by Dynamic Yield’s Channels Manager, Parker Block, join us for our third XP Roundtable with ASCO’s Travis Hicks, Macy’s’ Jake Tenenbaum, and Search Discovery’s Merritt Aho. The discussion will walk through the necessary steps for integrating algorithm-based personalization into your CX optimization strategy, the do’s and don’ts to look out for when adopting a more tailored approach, as well as real use cases and success stories from the healthcare, eCommerce industry, and beyond.

Tune in to learn:

  • The genesis behind personalization and when the right time is to add it into your existing CX strategy
  • How to get to buy-in from as well as set and manage expectations as the program evolves
  • Coming up with a plan and laying down the groundwork for integrating personalization
  • The common obstacles faced when adopting personalization and how to pivot if needed
  • Best practices and what a successful CX optimization strategy truly looks like