XP Roundtable EMEA: Episode 1

Hosted by

André Morys

Founder & CEO at konversionsKRAFT / Managing Partner GO Group Digital

André Morys (born 1974) is founder and CEO of konversionsKRAFT, Germany's leading agency for conversion optimization and strategic consulting on digital growth. In addition, he is the initiator and founder of GO Group Digital, a worldwide network of experts in digital transformation & conversion optimization. His publications include "Die digitale Wachstumsstrategie" (2018) and "Conversion Optimierung" (2011) as well as numerous expert articles on digital growth & conversion optimization in relevant media. He is also lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Würzburg and gives numerous keynotes and lectures at national and international congresses on digital growth, e-commerce and optimization strategies.

Marc Preusche

Managing Director at DEPT.

Marc is managing director of Dept Data & Intelligence, a part of Dept, a digital agency of over 1500 experienced thinkers and makers that merges creativity, technology, and data. Before Dept, he founded LEROI, a consulting agency focussed on data and its usage (acquired by Dept in 2019), especially in marketing: analytics, business intelligence, data science, CRM - the activation of data with automation and decision-enablement. His hobbies include LEGO with his two daughters, cooking/BBQing and talking about data in marketing, especially personalisation.

Philipp Schröder

Growth Hacker / Full Stack Dev

Philipp is Lead Customer Experience for Asgoodasnew, a Berlin reCommerce Retailer for consumer electronics, and freelancing Growth Hacker. He is working as a full stack developer and digital marketer for almost 15 years. He is mostly dealing with establishing lean processes, data, automation and omni channel personalization. His first touchpoint with eCommerce was at Chal-Tec (Klarstein, Electronic-Star) as Lead User Experience. He is a DY heavy user since then. His hobbies are coding and talking about marketing.



Marcel is a Director of Customer Success for EMEA in Dynamic Yield, a leading personalization provider (or whatever marketing speech we use to pitch ourselves in one line). Prior to joining DY, Marcel has been working as a Team Leader & Strategic Consultant in A/B and Multivariate Testing for around 5 years, which paved the way for his data driven approach on personalization today. Outside of work, he enjoys sports, cooking, and spending time with his daughter, which also teaches him a lot about personalizing to someone's needs.

This virtual roundtable discussion will be led by members from our community of Personalization Pioneers, including André Morys, Founder and CEO at konversionKRAFT, March Preusche, Managing Director at DEPT., and Philipp Schröder, Growth Hacker and Full Stack Developer. Listen in as they share what Amazon’s digital efforts have looked like during the pandemic, where the company is struggling, and why this gap is an opportunity for smaller digital-forward brands.

Attendees can expect to walk away with valuable experience optimization insights, strategies to help them close the Amazon gap, and advice on how to start positioning themselves as viable alternatives to the eCommerce titan.


Tune in to learn:

  • Ways the global pandemic has disrupted the retail industry
  • How Amazon has maintained profitability during COVID-19
  • Gaps and opportunities in Amazon’s digital strategy 
  • What the future of eCommerce and retail will look like
  • Tips on how your brand can stand out and appeal to today’s consumers