For those who aren’t afraid to break the boundaries of customer experience to make it better

Every day, fearless individuals across industries are taking risks, seizing opportunities, and turning failures into triumphs while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to deliver experiences that provide real value for customers with ever-changing needs. Named after their work, Personalization Pioneers is about connecting and celebrating these rule-breakers, unpacking the influential stories and insights gathered from around the world.

Why attend?

Learn from other pioneers

Learn from other pioneers

Sit in for a deeper understanding of the latest trends in personalization, next-level tactics, high impact use cases and methodologies.

Meet other pioneers

Meet other pioneers

Make meaningful connections with others, both virtually and during physical events with executives, marketers, product managers, developers, and more – those who live and breathe this stuff, just like you.

Become a pioneer yourself

Become a pioneer yourself

Leave armed and invigorated with everything you need to become more customer-centric with personalization.

“Extremely well organised, great speakers and format was perfect to network and learn.”
“Great cases, great speaker, in general very energizing and inspiring.”
“The talks had a good range of very practical to inspirational for building an innovative testing team.”
Past attendees include brands like
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  • Puma Logo
  • Disney Logo
  • Staples Logo
  • GUESS Logo
  • Sephora Logo
  • Lamoda Logo
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Some of the past pioneers who have inspired our attendees
Speaker - Silvia Dias Lagnado
Silvia Dias Lagnado

Ex-Global Chief Marketing Officer McDonald’s Corporation

Speaker - Lauri Vela
Lauri Vela

Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing Synchrony

Speaker - Adam Shupe
Adam Shupe

E-Commerce Merchandising Manager PacSun

Speaker - Will Satterthwaite
Will Satterthwaite

Senior Digital Operations Executive Tottenham Hotspur

Speaker - Marinus van Gestel
Marinus van Gestel

Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing Linio Group

Speaker - Albert Liu
Albert Liu

Commercial Director Overdose.

Speaker - Ben Belinis
Ben Belinis

eCommerce Manager Ocado

Speaker - Megan Hoover
Megan Hoover

eCommerce Testing & Optimization Manager Yeti

Speaker - Philipp Schröder
Philipp Schröder
Lead CX asgoodasnew electronics GmbH


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We’re looking for passionate individuals from brands and agencies, lawless in their efforts to elevate the digital stratosphere through relevance, convenience, and value – with the numbers to back it up. Fit the bill?

Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities

Personalization Pioneers are hungry to increase efficiencies in their technology stack as well as how they work, and there are a number of ways solution providers and agencies can connect with them.