Join the forefront of innovation at Personalization Pioneers, where humanity, technology, and creativity converge to unite a forward-thinking personalization community.

The 2024 World Tour

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At the intersection of technology and humanity, Personalization Pioneers celebrates the dynamic blend of AI, human creativity, and rock & roll’s bold spirit in shaping personalization’s future. This is where thought leaders and innovators gather to inspire and redefine personalization.

Step beyond witnessing the future
of personalization – help architect it.

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“I have been to many business events over the years but this was by far the best yet. Amazing venue, engaging talks, and a great opportunity to network with the community.” Global SEO Lead,
“Hearing what other brands have been doing is pure gold. The speakers were engaging and the topics discussed were so relevant! Can’t wait for the next one!” Global UX Lead,
“I’m thankful for the opportunity to participate in the event - such a good atmosphere, and an incredible chance to discuss with people from various industries.” Head of eCommerce,

Why You Absofrickinlutely Should Attend…

Learn from other pioneers

Dive into the latest and hottest topics, sharpest tactics, and real-world success stories, and hear all about how to shake things up and drive extra value with personalization.

Meet other pioneers

Listen to and meet industry leaders who’ve pioneered growth and innovation in diverse sectors. Gain insights into their journeys, challenges, and breakthroughs.

Be a pioneer

Head out armed and amped up with actionable insights you can apply directly when back at the desk – taking your personalization game up to the next level.